Advanced fire fighting?

Well, I’m signed up for an advanced fire fighting class. What do advanced f.f. classes usually consist of? My basic involved full turnout gear, air packs, a smoke house, all sorts of fire nozzles and extinguishers plus all the class room stuff. How much more advanced do they usually get?

Just took my advance a couple of weeks ago. Two days of classroom and testing followed by one day in full gear. There wasn’t a lot of review from basic so the classroom information was pretty interesting. Lots of discussion about keeping track of assets in a full blown incident; making sure there’s no freelancing. Test was a breeze. The scenarios while in gear were more physically demanding then basic was; wore my off-season ass out! Best part was acting as incident commander and having to manage a fire team and a SAR crew in an active burn room.

I took mine last year. There were just two or three of us, so the instructors had to append things with some role playing. The classroom was a good review. On the fire field, we had to rescue a man down (scenario), and like lymanlouis said, it was a bit more physically challenging. I was huffing and puffing at the end of it. That goaded me to start doing cardio exercise again. Now I hit the bike or stair climber 3-4 x per week. I’m fat anyway so I need it. (lol!)

My favorite part was when they filled a conex box with foam and threw the dummy in there… We had to dive in and crawl the box in a two man team and drag out the dummy…

I also try and remember to renew in winter or spring can get pretty toasty in the summer