MSC 8/18 Posting

Anyone hear anything back from them yet from the 8/18 posting for 3rd mates or engineer? application has read “pending rating” for last three weeks.

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I heard they had like 200 someodd people apply but were only gonna take like 16.

And that’s 32 too many. Over staffed and can’t place all the ones currently sitting in the pool. One 3rd recently came on said they sat in the pool for 6 months, after all they classes they needed and wanted. Few leave the ship out of fear of not getting back on one.

Sounds like the complete polar opposite of how it used to be sailing with msc…from the horror stories I have heard of getting no relief.

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16 3rd Mate or Engineer?

Mates I think.

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Oh they may have plenty of people but that still doesn’t mean the detalers are going to get you a timely relief. Learned this one briefly the hard way - major lesson learned after my drillionare days :wink:


I applied as well. Called help line the other day they said they had way more applications than they expected. Hope they speed up a bit after the interviews.

I would suspect anyone hired from This period won’t be seeing a ship until at least March of 18.

I heard from a buddy there for 7 years now that they plan on opening up second mate and chief mate slots sometime in the next 6 months


Did the help center offer a timeline for the interviews? They keep telling me to just call every two weeks if they don’t call or email for an interview in the meantime.

Same for me. No real timeline. I have a recruuter I’ve been working with I’ll see if he can get any better info. I expect not but no harm in trying

Oh one other thing I forgot to mention my application did get rereviewed on Monday. The only reason I know is even after they cleared it back in August they missed somethings that needed adjustment.

Do you guys have any info about 3rd A/E? When are they going to start hiring or interviewing? I also put in laat 8/18 but haven’t heard anything from them… my status is " pending rating"

Same.”pending rating”.

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Nothing new on my application. I talked to the recruiter, they don’t have any timeline.

Any update with 8/18 application…

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None for me. I’m gonna call again on Monday morning.

Just called in, pending rating

Recently got called for setting up an interview for 3rd AE. Anyone else starting to get called?