MSC 8/18 Posting


I did. I have had the interview already


Same. I wonder when we’ll hear back from the bureaucracy again.


I was actually about to ask you if they said anything about that. I interviewed for third mate.


I asked the chief engineer conducting the interview and was told it’s now in the hands of the employment division and A definite timeline couldn’t be provided. I would expect around the same timeline it took to be granted the interview.


I wonder if we have to do a second one. I just had one guy interview me. He was sitting in a cubicle. I thought it was usually more than one.


From what I understand and have read it’s just a single interview.


It’s been more than two weeks since interviews, has anyone heard anything back?


Nothing yet. Application still says pending rating too.


Mine says, “pending selection”. I called and the Support center told me it would be 6-8 weeks as they make selections, about the same time line it was for getting the interview.


Anyone hear anything


Nope, but it sure would be a great Christmas present




Would be nice to have a little extra help during the holidays. As it stands where I work, we are short 6 OS, 8 ABs, 4 Boatswain Mates and 1 Ship Boatswain. We are over by 150% In 3rds on Deck and Engine.


Sounds like a typical government organization…Top heavy with plenty of “managers” but very few do-ers.