MSC Interview, thoughts?

So I just got done with my phone interview with MSC about an hour ago and I thought I’d ask the board for opinions on everyone else’s experiences interviewing with MSC. The interview seemed pretty short to me, only roughly 20mins and the guy only asked like 5 questions if you count the “do you have any questions for me” at the end. For context, I’m a fresh 3rd mate applying for an AB position with them.

Granted my MSC interview was about 14-years ago, but went like this:
“So you applied to be a 3rd Engineer?”
“Great! I’ll book you a flight to Norfolk for a physical and sign the paperwork”
That was it.

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My experience too, years ago. Those people that “interview” you are just looking for bodies to fill positions. This is the first step. You’ll go into the next persons file and wait for them to get to you. A gentle reminder as to your status in a few weeks won’t hurt. Be conversational and ask the person you talk to their name IF you can get someone on the phone. They work with a corporate style bureaucracy and also a lot of applicants who may or may not be serious. They have a job, you don’t so be patient with them no matter how annoying that may be.

I’ve heard similar stories from guys on threads from about 8-10 years ago, a lot of guys just got hired for having the right credentials. What changed?

Word on the street here at MSC is they are dying for ABs. Your interview was most likely a formality and if you got that far your offer letter is coming. They’re also saying MSC is good on 3rd Mates right now, so you may be waiting for a while for promotion.


MSC is hurting for ABs right now. If he called you, and you can be understood…and can breath…you’ll in. Probably making sure you are not a robo-app from adultfriendfinder.

We have a lot of 3rds selling as ABs. Four on my last ship and two on my current. We are still 25% short of required AB staffing so deck overtime is mandatory.