MSC new hire looking for info about life on ship

hello all.
I have recently been hired by MSC as a 2nd electrician. I have completed the physical and am waiting for the results. There are a few areas that I have some questions about. If anyone can help me out I would greatly appreciate it. Some background first. I have been an electrician for over 35 years. I have worked on pretty much every ship system on most kinds of ships over the years including many msc ships. I am not overly concerned about the technical aspects of the work but more in the quality of life type of things.

  1. I have read where 2nd electricians don’t do too much. Changing light bulbs appears to cover most of what they do along with some minor repairs. I have also read that alot of them are content to stay 2nd elecs and not move up. As a highly skilled and motivated electrician who is not afraid to work what are my options for advancement. Do homesteaders clog up the ranks making it difficult to move up? Would I be able to get more hours if I was willing to work and could fix things? I have always been one of the top producers where ever I have worked and don’t see that changing. I also have had little use for no loads and slackers but have learned to live with them.

  2. As far as a ship assignment goes I think that I would be happiest with a ship that pulls into Norfolk Va a couple of times a year as I live here. I am guessing that as a new guy I will get a less than desirable posting and I wonder if there is anything to say or not say to the people who make ship assignments at NEO to to get a suitable posting.

  3. I have been working lately at the naval base in Norfolk and have seen a couple of msc ships tied up there for several weeks now. When ships are in port for extended periods of time or in a yard availability is there an opportunity for overtime or is it pretty much just 40 hours?

  4. I have read where the ships have internet but that 2 way communication like skype or IM is not allowed. Are there any options for internet available like verizon anywhere that would work on the ship? What about cell phones any recommendations on what most people use.

As I said any thoughts or opinions on these questions would be appreciated.

You’re in Norfolk andd you work on the Navy Base and you ask these questions here? Go down to one of the MSC ships and introduce yourself to one of the Engineers or 2nd electricians and all shall be revealed.

Mr Bill, When did you apply for 2nd Electrician. I am currently awaiting MSC’s call. Thanks!

My application cleared hr about 4 weeks ago. I initially applied back in september I think it was

You’re in Norfolk andd you work on the Navy Base and you ask these questions here? Go down to one of the MSC ships and introduce yourself to one of the Engineers or 2nd electricians and all shall be revealed.

I never really thought of doing that and also I am not comfortable with the idea. When I am on base I am working and also you never know what security issues are going to pop up at anytime and I would not like to get caught up in being where I am not supposed to. Also I thought that on this site there would be a better spread of opinions. But thanks for the idea I am thinking about it.

Have you received your NEO date yet?

no still waiting to clear medical

[QUOTE=Mr Bill;64180]no still waiting to clear medical[/QUOTE]

I see. Is MSC like the Navy where they have to approve medical waivers and such? I was recently hired as a second electrician as well. I just finished the drug test and waiting on the call for medical. how long did you wait for medical to schedule your physical after your drug test?

It was a couple of weeks. The physical is very complete

Agreed! Couldn’t believe the amount of tests they do on you! And if you have any medication plan on more paper work after your physical. That’s where I’m currently at. ;-/

Yes I was taking some prescriptions at the time and need a statement from my doctor why I was taking them. I put all that on the paperwork but to no avail. Thjey also want me to get my blood sugar retested and get a new ekg. I cant do anything until I get a letter from them. Hopefully it will come this week. The person I talked to said they are way behind in getting letters out. At least I had a heads up about the blood sugar I have been dieting and have the number down where they want it. I am hoping the ekg thing was due to the tech seeming to have some trouble with her machine. I had one not long ago that was good.