General and Radio Electronics Tech (RET) questions for MSC

Hello. I wondered if anyone here (or knows of anyone) is a 2nd/1st RET/CRET/SCO and would be willing to chat with me about the position. I was an IT in the Navy so I have a decent idea of what I will be walking into. I have my TWIC and am waiting for my MMC application to finish.
Also, for those currently working with MSC, I have some other inquiries:

  1. Can anyone point me toward finding a black-and-white document of the rumored rotation schedule changing from 4/1 to 4/2? My recruiter has told me the bill is waiting to be signed off by Congress.

  2. In addition to the above, I’ve also heard you will get paid your base pay during your time off. I guess this is another part of the bill above. This seems too good to be true, as you would typically have to use some PTO to be paid during time off.

  3. How are the training and schooling opportunities? If I wanted to go to ABC schooling to further my knowledge, could I easily do that? And would this only be done during your ‘off’ time, or could it be during your ‘on’ time?

  4. Is it true that after completing NEO, my first ship will 100% be on the East Coast? I live on the West Coast, so I know at some point, all I would have to do is transfer over.

  5. Do you have any time off after completing NEO, or would you go straight to your first ship?

  6. Any other advice or tips are greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance!

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  1. There is nothing that has been shared in B&W. Yes congress needs to approve it, but look how functional congress is.
  2. You use your vacation, earned shore leave, and sick time to be paid when off the ship.
  3. If the training is for your job, it’s available, when on leave. Bandwidth on the ships is virtually non-existent. And you’re not in port long enough.
  4. Your 1st whip can be anywhere in the world. You will officially be an “East Coast” mariner. But, that’s a record keeping thing only.
  5. NO. Straight to a ship.