Help! MSC new application questions!

Hi everyone, my application is under review after about 3 months and ive heard they hire no experience entry level which is what i need because ive applied to probably 100 different places and got shot down as an OS because i have no sea time.
anyway im hoping i get a position and have a few questions if anyone can answer them

First: Do they pay travel? im tight on cash as it is and really am not a fan of borrowing anything especially money.
second: Can i bring my pc or xbox? im pretty outgoing but theres some times i need just some time for myself
third: what should i bring to the training?
fourth: how do they interview? i live in Ohio and cant really afford to drive or fly to Virginia for an interview
fifth: my dream is to see the world i wanna go all over japan,hawaii, germany, australia, thai! is this possible with them?
sixth: can i just have some personal reviews, some dos some donts?
im only 19 and have zero experience but im beyond ready to get out there