MSC open app period for 3/Ms

MSC recruiting sent an email saying that they will be opening the application process for 3/Ms next week. I thought they were at like 150% manning for the job?

Yeh except the invasion fleet needs to train up in New Jersey for 3 months before they crew up…


Just checked the web site, and sure enough, “Opening Soon” 3/M’s and 3 A/E’s/

There way too many of them now, what will we do with more???


If MSC stopped hiring where would the academy grads go? Besides the fact that MSC leadership is rife with academy grads and the Washington leadership tends to be KP grads (congratulations RADM Buzby) it’s just the good 'ol boys looking out for their own.

(And now that KP gets cadet preference at MSC because of the sexual harassment thing they have a huge leg up when applying to MSC.)

Wish they would start calling ABs. Did the physical, drug screen, and security clearance. Just waiting for them to start manning the ships and NEO classes. I have been waiting about a year and a half now.

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Some numbers. A bit dated but it’s what I have.

June 2017
Required: 379
Manning: 495
Percent: 131%

June 2017
Required: 416
Manning: 533
Percent: 128%

December 2016
Required: 376
Manning: 512
Percent: 136%

December 2016
Required: 432
Manning: 540
Percent: 125%

They have a critical shortage of OSs and yet, in Sept 2017, they will be filling dozens of AB positions with those OSs. You may have to wait a little longer. Sailed with an AB that waited 2 years after clearance. The good news…maybe…is that the promotion board for BM is due soon. Means an even bigger shortage of ABs.

No one knows what MSC is thinking. We have too many Chiefs. I’m currently sailing on a ship that is 150% of 3/Ms, 200% of 2/Ms. And with…

OSs at 25% Staffing Level (no reliefs scheduled)
ABs at 60% Staffing Level (up to 47 days overdue for reliefs)
BMs at 75% Staffing Level

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Me too

My ship is at the edge of what I consider safe manning for UNREPS. We are fine as long as nothing goes wrong (helo crash, allision, emergency breakaway, rig failure while alongside…) The Navy wants what they want and our manning isn’t their problem so we mostly give in to them.

The problem? Not enough entry level and mid-level unlicensed. We are short eight or ten hands, all of them entry level or ABs. It’s not as if I can put academy augments on a line or a fork truck or do some manual UNREP labor. The horror! I’d trade them for wipers, ordinaries or steward utilities in a heartbeat.

Someone will have to die before this academy job corps trend changes.

Anybody that applied for 3rd A/E hear back from them yet?

Sounds like things haven’t changed much in 20 years. In my time with MSC there was no shortage of OSs and ABs but there was a high turnover. The lack of experience made UNREPs very exciting, but not in a good way.

I have been hearing OS and Ab’s takes a while to get into NEO, what about the SU? Is the wait the same as OS and Ab’s