MSC is offering decent up front hiring bonus. Follow that up with some sort of schedule for reliefs on a timely manner, could work.

The only issue…is that will never happen. Good if you want to go get some cool experience for 2 years and don’t have a family or significant other however.


Hey! Welcome!

We invite you to open your eyes as there are several lengthy threads regarding the current MSC crewing state.

There are many mop holding and mouth breathing opportunities awaiting your application.

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Current NDAA has MSC going to a 4/2 rotation. Problem is I am currently 124 days overdue.
We do not have the manning to support 4/1 let alone 4/2. I think over time we will be able to do a 4/2 but its 4-5 years out.

124 overdue as 2nd/3rd mate? Chief?


Correct, it will be many many years before they can do four months on, two months off. Good place to make some quick cash, but would not stick around for more than a few years. MSC will destroy any hobbies or interests you have, and any hopes of trying to at least even pretend you are a normal adult.

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124 days overdue? Why are you still on the ship?