In search of work

Ok so I recently just finished my last class for school and will have my AB, STCW, Basic Safety, RFPNW, and Assistant Tankerman. I’m curious to what kind of work is out there for a guy like me. I want to get out of town for a while and get sea time and get paid good for being gone. I’ve heard that people that work with MSC can work for a month and for their next month off they can choose to work again for a couple months straight. Just curious what some older more experience people might have to say.

would you please, READ ALL THE PAST THREADS FIRST! If you only want to read one then read this one!.

There is a shitload of information already posted answer your questions.

After you read through them, come back here with more specific questions.

btw, NOBODY ever gets to work for only one month at MSC…try six before they’ll release you IF YOU’RE LUCKY!

MSC will allow you to work during all your months off.

Of course it may be many, many months before you actually get a month off.

c.capt dont be afraid to unleash the pointy stick!!

This is the part where announcer says: " Searching for information on Gcapt is sooo simple, even a cave man can do it"

Matt, do your home work. There is a wealth of info on here, you have to do some reading but its here!! Good luck