Advice on what area of the industry I should be looking at?

Hey guy’s,
I used post on about 3-4 years ago, but forgot the password and for some reason couldn’t reset it. And been away for so long I just read post when I had a little free time. I am in need of some advice and direction in looking for a new job, so decided to make a new user name, and hopefully contribute again ( when I am not at sea for 10 months at a time).
For the past 4 years I have sailed MSC (sealift command) I know but before you judge me let me explain… I do not like the label of an MSC mariner, unlike “a handfull” of MSC mariners, I consider myself to have a very good work ethic, good attitude, work well with others, honest, reliable Etc.

    Before MSC, I started my career on the water I had 2 temp jobs for 6 months each doing inshore 100ton work, and some AB marine construction work. My experience is limited, I am not a 30year experienced “old salt” but I think I am far from a Green Horn OS, I am an AB with a decent amount of experienced. That being said, having some experience I think with some patients, hard work and knocking on doors I can land a decent job, but might be tough going against some very experienced AB’s with a good resume under there belt.  

    Honestly I am not that picky what area of the industry I work on, coastal tug, OSV’s, drill ships, 100ton, oil rigs, crew boats, marine construction etc. It might not sound the best, but for the most part I am looking for one of the higher paying jobs, by that I mean I don’t want to work on a small cruise ship or a ferry for $125 a day, I did that with MSC, I am looking for $275+ a day hopefully.

    Like I mentioned earlier, I will take any better paying job of any sea going type as long as it does not require relocating, not looking for a job where I have to work in the area. That being said I am not married and do not have kids, and I am used to working anywhere in the world and doing looong stints at sea with MSC 12+months (my choice), so adjusting or adapting to a new job type is not an issue for me.
     Also looking for job security though not guaranteed, That’s one of the nice perks of MSC.  5-6 years ago I wanted an east coast tug Bouchard, Reinauer, stuff like that but it was really hard job market back then and heard tugs still get laid up all the time? 

     To wrap it up, I am searching online for jobs ALL the time but it’s hard to figure out what they pay, I have yet to apply but just wanted peoples input to what would be my best areas and companies to put my resume in.[SUB] [SIZE=2]Just want to get some input on what jobs I have the best chance getting in with? [/SIZE][/SUB][SUB][SIZE=2]Sorry for the very long post but I wanted to tell a little bit of my story, and not be the guy who [/SUB][/SIZE]does one sentence post looking for help

   One last question…. Are Headhunters worth it? For AB’s, do they have any good access to good jobs or do they just offer lower paying entry level stuff like ferries and small cruise ship for AB’s?

Thank you for any help or advice!