Current state at MSC for incoming 3/o

What’s the current deal with MSC as a third mate coming in? Is the relief time still as bad as I’ve read in some past threads? Also, does anyone know if your time with MSC helps advance your offshore book with MM&P? Any advice about MSC would be welcome!

You’ll be about 3 weeks overdue on average. Not sure how sea time with MSC affects your offshore book. I know deck officers with MSC fall under the FEMG part of MMP. Whether you pay your 20 dollar dues/ bi weekly or not.

Are they letting FEMG guys advance books? I thought a group of members filed a complaint about that some years ago and they put an end to it.

I’ve heard that you can transfer some time but that it is on a “case by case” basis, so i have no idea what that means. I’ve also heard that after a couple years they’ll give you an A-book if you move over but that seems too good to be true

I was told FEMG time had no bearing on an offshore book whatsoever. Just my experience. And I am an FEMG member.

My understanding is: after 3 years in FEMG, you can transfer over to the OFFSHORE group with a “C” book.

Samat, i heard something similar but can’t seem to find any definitive information either way. Do you know of any sources I could look at for that?

I’m sitting next to an ex MSC guy that transfer to MMP offshore. It’s true you get to transfer as a C card. I got lost in his explanation of the details and since it didn’t apply to me didn’t put the effort to understand.

To answer your question, call MMP HQ and ask for membership. They’ll give you, you’re answer.

How are your half hitches? Do you know the P.R. Bowline?