Moving to another vessel next hitch... wow this is going to be an awkward week and half

Thanks everyone for all your NOT help. It’s all fun and games till it’s your job on the line. I work in the Gulf with a bunch of good ole boys and rednecks. If anyone ever found out what that guy did and I shared a room with him you know good and well the rumors would fly. I don’t care what he does in his off time and I am not homophobic. I just confronted the guy and asked him to help have me reassigned to another vessel. I could not tell the captain or higher ups out of worry of ruining the guy’s career. He has 3 kids and his wife is pregnant. I never really cared what he did but I got a family to feed too and I’d like to advance my career with this company. He was very embarrassed and I promised I would never speak of it to anyone in the company. He is going to write me a sterling performance review and I will be assigned to a better vessel with more pay. Silver lining I guess.

I can’t tell if this is a rant, accusation, or congratulations.


“I won’t tell a soul”

Rants about it on an Internet forum…


Yeah I’m no lawyer but I believe you just detailed a quid pro quo, possibly construed as blackmail situation for posterity on this forum. Good for you


And gave some details in another post. . . .

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That’s ok. Just keep this stuff down in the Gulf oil patch.


Your hang up, your decision, your awkward week and a half. See how this works? Good job!


I still can’t believe you were so “traumatized” by finding out. The rumors may fly if people found out?? Grow up, you act like he was making moves on you or something. This isn’t high school. Your prejudice, your decision, your awkward week. Imagine how many “normal” guys you roomed with that were probably into some terribly weird if not illegal stuff.

Better hope he never gets fired, because this would be good grounds for lawsuit against the you/company I think. Might go to the culture of the company, “he said he wouldn’t tell if he got transferred to a higher paying boat.”


I recall when we first had to “baby proof” the house. I complained to a friend that babies try to put everything they encounter into their mouths. My friend pointed out to me that babies divide objects into two categories, things that are good to eat and things that are not.

But babies grow up and learn to see the world as more complex.

If the OP divides people into two categories, the ones he wants to have sex with and the ones he doesn’t then he needs a more sophisticated way of dealing with people.


Good for you

Why do you think anyone gives a flying fuck what you do move on if this is the only thing you’re going to see you will have had a charmed career.

Maybe you’re the problem remember karma is a bitch.


Okay, let me get this straight. You work on a vessel that is so small the chief has to share a room. This chief is married, has 3 kids & 1 in the oven and brings women clothing to this small boat where he has no privacy but wears the women’s clothing behind a locked door on his off watch?

You stumble across this & innocently publish it for the whole world to see because Dear Abby would take too long to get back to you to tell you what to do because of your state of shock.

But luckily for you, you work at a stellar company with so many open positions that a letter of recommendation from a chief on a little bitty boat will get you transferred in 1 hitch with no questions asked to a bigger boat where you will get a raise?

Needless to say, I call BS, it’s all made up. But thanks for the entertainment anyways.


My favorite thing about this is that the OP wasn’t expecting any of what he got in the first go-round. Did you really come back for more expecting it to go better this time?


Oh, and you are most definitely homophobic. Even though the guy probably isn’t even gay. And even if he was, there’s nothing wrong with that. You are a terrible person.


I’m pretty happy that every response on here is just an affirmation that there are lots of folks in our industry that are sick of closed minded cainotophobia.

Time for us to do like the rest of the world has done and recognize that there is NOTHING wrong with people that are different from ourself, as a matter of fact, diversity is strength, and if you have a problem with that you are merely exposing your own weaknesses.


“Diversity is strength” is bullshit. Having personal standards isn’t weakness. Tolerance is weakness.

At least this guy spoke directly with his room mate and worked something out that didn’t make things harder for the chief.

In some cultures this chief would get runoff if exposed. The legal safeguards for this take a long time and don’t always work.

The chief should know better anyway. When you share a room there a some things you just keep to yourself. Other things you change about yourself(while on board) in respect for you roommate.


Cross-dressing shocker?

Lots of us have, or will go to, places like Philippines where adults dress up little boys in girl clothes to be rented to our shipmates for sex. We’ll have roommates who can’t wait to get to Singapore for the ‘young girls’ (meaning pre-puberty). Or go to clubs in Germany or UAE where girls and boys are brought from Africa and Asia to be used for sex. Or where shipmates form lines to take turns on a woman in a Greek alley.

I’ve seen all that shit myself and I know many of you have, too. So cut out this faux horror about some dude who likes to mind his own business and wear women’s clothes. If that the worst some of you see count yourself as lucky.


He knows I posted this here and in fact is one of your top contributors. I actually hoped he would find it and bring it up so I would not have to broach the subject or have me transferred without me ever having to say a thing.

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Probably not. I never requested to be put in a better position. I just asked if maybe I could be reassigned. I never blackmailed the guy. I just don’t want to be caught up in his bullshit if he is going to be careless and leave his stuff out. Ignorance would have been bliss and much appreciated in this situation.

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We have a lot of non-crew aboard taking up the rooms while we are underway. Normally, the Chief has his own room.

I just threw up in my mouth reading this. I guess I have been lucky. I know for sure I would quit and probably beat some pedophiles asses in those conditions but then again I have never had to work overseas.