More Idiots Join Watson

I wonder what they will do when someone gets killed.

:(that thing has already run over and killed at least one fisherman in the caribbean…interested to see what happens when kevlar comes in contact with ice??:eek:

Hitting a small ice cube on antartic with 70 knots sped,… I just hope they will have a heli - filming the show. Is “desintegration” correct word?

Another thing, already mentioned… what their insurers will say, before they take this enterpise?

Next thing to ask from proffesional side is:
What is the manouverability of this speed-boat at max speed?
Now when they put the idiot on the wheel of speedcraft, and make him a manouver on full speed: rudder full to port… in front of a jap whaling-vessel. Can you imagine? (I would say - manouverability is next to nothing. Lucky to keep steady… something like this will happen with included “desintegration”:

And finally: are the japs going to show some humanity - and save their frozen asses out of the freezing antartic water after the one-minute show?

There is already a lot of talk concerning watson and his flying (floating) circus with his collection of the worlds misfits.

I suggest to open a subforum on proffesional mariner forum dedicated only to their phenomenon.

Ha Ha, you smell like stinky butter! We’re bad asses.

Watson won’t be Piloting this. The Ships original owner is going to be. They make claims that it is fitted with an LRAD and will be blocking the Harpoon ships from the whales.

[quote=cmakin;20830]I wonder what they will do when someone gets killed.

It’s surprising it hasn’t happened yet…

F**K YOU, Dorfin and Wair!