MODU Chief Testing

I am sitting for my MODU Chief test nextweek (don’t ask me why, just something I qualify for and am doing for fun). Inmy letter I was told I was going to be tested on 3 subjects, General Questions,Environmental and Safely, and Auxiliary Machinery. Has anyone in this forum satfor this test? What was on it? Any motor, refrig, elec??? I’m assuming I willstudy the safety and general question banks from back in the day, but I don’twant to waste my time on things that I will not be tested on. Any help, guidance,software, question banks, etc. would be appreciated.


Where are you with your license right now? does have a bank of questions that pertain to MODUs, but I don’t see much on auxiliary machinery, mostly just MODU specific safety stuff. If you’re doing it for fun, you can always go in, see how you do, then come out with a better understanding of what the test involves if you don’t pass.

Just as a followup so people who search this thread in the future know, I went in blind to see what I was in store for. The sea site had it spot on, it covers pretty much the whole motors, electoral, general, and safety engineering question banks, so it is no walk in the park. It was very heavy on electoral, refrigeration, pumps, and med and high speed diesels. Had to retake general and auxiliary today, but got through them by the skin of my teeth.

Good job! A pass is a pass…