USCG Question Bank Chiefs Limited

When testing for a higher Lic I.E. Chief limited or UL for that matter. Do you need to study the questions you previously studied when getting a lower license “3rds etc” or only the chiefs section?

For example…

Tested for my 3rds UL, got it “few years ago”. Applied to test for my Chiefs Limited and waiting to hear back. Will I be tested on the Chief / 1st engineer question bank or will I have to study all subornment engineer question bank questions?

I lucked out and downloaded all of the USCG questions they posed back in 2016. On the NMC page just before they took them down… why did they even do that?

If you don’t know in the Question banks that were posted back then they had sections for QMED, Assistant Engineer i.e. the 3rds section and final section was the 1st / Chiefs. I didn’t study the 1st / chiefs section at the time obviously. NMC is giving me the run around and trying to avoid studying what 20K questions…

First off, i am under the impression that everyone tests with the new question bank. If the last time you tested for anything, if there wasn’t a Q before the module number, you tested from the old bank.

Spend the money and get a thumbdrive from mariner advancement for whatever license you are sitting for. Generally speaking, there is one question bank for all licenses and ratings. The thumbdrive will be more focused on what you can expect to see on the exams.

Honestly I cant remember If there was a Q. Wasn’t the first thing on my mind at the time.

Thumb drive would be the most upto date questions…agreed. However, none the less id be studying all subordinate questions, so an exponentially higher amount of studying. damn

No, you wouldn’t.

Go to mariner advancement’s website. Whatever license you may be going for, it will be fairly right on the money with whatever thumbdrive you purchase.

Same thing with lapware. You are able to filter out most of the material you won’t need.

The newer question bank also has a significantly lesser amount of questions than the old bank. For example, general subjects used to be a few thousand and now its only around 1200 if my memory serves correctly. Motors used to be 1500 and is now 700, etc…these numbers aren’t precise but you get my drift…