License upgrade

I know I have read on the forum somewhere about upgrading from 3rd AE to 2nd AE unlimited HP. I am upgrading from 3rd to 2nd and was also looking to get the Chief Limited NC license with the upgrade. I was told I need to test for a Chief Limited NC and/or a DDE Unlimited by the NMC. However I have also heard that I don’t need to test for these by other mariners. Anyone have any info on this. I’ve heard of people getting these licenses automatically when upgrading. Thanks.

I sail with guys who have it without testing and when I tried to get it, I was told by the NMC I had to test.

I am wondering if those were the simpler days before the NMC was around.

Andy Hammond has been a help to me through the upgrade process…

USED to be a 2AE got a Ltd NC but a 2AE and 1AE had to test for the Ltd Oceans. That was in the notes for the ltd license tests but it is not there anymore. As I recall that was before the combining of the exams for 2AE and 3AE as well as the single exam for CE and 1AE. All may have changed now with the USCG trying to be more STCW compliant [sorta].

If you took a combined 3/2 test since I think 2002 and are upgrading to 2AE without testing then you will have to test for Chief Ltd and DDE Unl.

If you took just a 3AE test and will be testing for 2AE than you should not have to test for for the limited licenses. It is black and white in the marine safety manual.

Dont forget, you still have to meet all the time requirements individually too though.

Thanks to all. Looks like I’ll be hitting the books again.

Yeah its more that the NMC is centralized now. The few that I know that have it are on the 3/2 system and still got it. However they got it when processing was done at the individual rec’s. It is clear that they needed to test, but like a lot of things it was up to the rec perception of the rule. One more tour and I will have the time for the unlimited no restriction Chief, so I opted to not take the limited test.