Questions Concerning 3rd Assistant Engineer Unlimited Motors Exams

I have a questions concerning modules (Motors I and Motors II), Anyone recently taking these modules? What was the exam structure for these two modules (Was it all on motors and auxillary steam?) I don’t want to show up to test and be handed a module on steam propulsion and not be ready for it! I have the 3 study books from Mass Maritime, and flash drives from Mariner Advancement to study with, any other tips on study materials? The module Electricity and Electronics has me freaked out as well. I’m affraid there’s gonna be questions that I haven’t seen or prepared for.

If you have the latest set of books from Mass and you apply yourself, study, and actually learn the material, you will do fine. Those books are all I used to go all the way up the unlimited side.

The motor I and II will be just motors, the only place you should see auxilary steam will be on the general. If you applying for a steam endorsment the main steam will be seperate tests.

There might be one or two steam questions in every module even safety but it won’t be much.

I actually had quite a bit of Auxiliary Boilers questions on the Motors one module I recently took. Motors II was all basic operational questions. There is a ton of refrigeration on the generals also. Although Im sure it all depends what module code you receive; some are heavier on particular subjects than others.

Thanks for answering so quickly, the answers take alot of stress off of me!