Help for 3rd Assitant Engineer Exam

I recently Qualified to sit for the 3rd Assistant Engineer exam. However, My engineering knowledge comes from 9 years of service onboard USN Nuclear Submarines. Although many things are similar, there are a ton of things that are different. Do any engineers out there have any recommendations for books, software, or other study material that is effective and efficient for preparing for the exam? Any other Submariners out there with similar experiences?


I was a MM(ss) got out after five years which was in 2005 and started sailing commercial for MSC over a year ago as a pumpman and i just got my letter of aproval to test for 3rd A/E this week. I have been studying the Mass Maritime Academy Engineering workbooks it comes with 3 books you can get them online at i also use which is a free site for online testing it has all the engine questions and tracks your progress. Hope this helps good luck always good to hear another submariner was able to make the transition.


Sounds like you are probably going to take the exam before I do, Let me know how you did, I’m very curious to know how someone from our background is doing… And how is MSC treating you? I saw they have some 3 A/e positions open… Do you recommend them as a good outfit to start out with?

Thanks for you help,


I will keep you posted on how i did. MSC is good for me right now its stable I didnt retire so I bought back my time towards federal retirement so i will probally stay around for a while but the pay is good especially if your are a 3 A/E or above but i have never sailed union so i do not have anything else to compare it to but right now it is working for me. I know they will hire you asap being prior navy and having your 3rd A/E.