Modern fishing vessel at work

A good looking coastal seiner in bright sunlight:

Photo: Odd-Rimi Sørensen via NSF

There are some smaller fishing vessels in the coastal fleet that doesn’t look all that good:

But probably good for their special purpose and within a special LOA.
Photo: Sven Arild Pedersen via NSF

Just another day out fishing:

The kotter Z-300"SOLA GRATIA"passing last Friday the Wandelaar pilot station inbound for Ostend
Photo: Ronald Ribbe – ©

Here is a new pelagic trawler design from Skipsteknisk that will be shown at a fair in Scotland.

Not unlike the new ST-158 design Leinebris:
Rigged for longline/net7Danish sein

A few simple steps and they can be converted to Super Yachts. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A modern Dutch fishing vessel:

The MDV 2 METANOIA moored in the port of Den Oever. MDV stands for Masterplan Duurzame Visserij (Masterplan Sustainable Fishing).
Photo: Wim Albers (c)

Photo: Search Results for Photographer: Frits Olinga