Modern fishing vessel at work

A good looking coastal seiner in bright sunlight:

Photo: Odd-Rimi Sørensen via NSF

There are some smaller fishing vessels in the coastal fleet that doesn’t look all that good:

But probably good for their special purpose and within a special LOA.
Photo: Sven Arild Pedersen via NSF

Just another day out fishing:

The kotter Z-300"SOLA GRATIA"passing last Friday the Wandelaar pilot station inbound for Ostend
Photo: Ronald Ribbe – ©

Here is a new pelagic trawler design from Skipsteknisk that will be shown at a fair in Scotland.

Not unlike the new ST-158 design Leinebris:
Rigged for longline/net7Danish sein

A few simple steps and they can be converted to Super Yachts. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A modern Dutch fishing vessel:

The MDV 2 METANOIA moored in the port of Den Oever. MDV stands for Masterplan Duurzame Visserij (Masterplan Sustainable Fishing).
Photo: Wim Albers (c)

Photo: Search Results for Photographer: Frits Olinga

Danish flag trawler/purse seiner ISAFOLD spotted navigating the Pentland Firth as spotted from the TSHD SHOALWAY. Photo: Capt Danny Plug Master Shoalway (c)

This perfect rainbow framed the port of Lyttelton NZ for some time on March 30. The ships are, left to right, NOORDAM, PAN HARMONY, FOREVER CONFIDENCE, and Factory Trawler TOKATU.
Photo: Nick Tolerton ©

The Tokatu was built in Norway in 2018:

A visit onboard on her maiden call at her home port, Nelson NZ:

A new and innovative combined crab catcher and shrimp trawler is under construction at Tersan Shipyard in Turkey for Ervik Havfiske AS:

She will be equipped with a moonpool and complete processing facilities for both Snow Crabs and Shrimps:

(English text after the Norwegian)

[Turn off the sound]

Longliner Seir seen on the fishing grounds today:

Photo: Sven Arild Pedersen, via NSF

From today:

She is still here, getting a well deserved rest after a busy winter catching blue whiting off Iceland and Ireland and capelin in the Bering Sea:

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Small Autoline boat in Ålesund today:

Photo: Sven Arild Pedersen via NSF

Hamnasund LM2909 med 9-10 m torsk, sør. - Macom

Dutch Super trawler designed in Norway to be built in Turkey:

That should help rid the oceans of fish.

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This vessel will replace several older, less efficient, vessels.
Utilizing 100% of what she catches for human consumption will actually help keep more fish alive long enough to spawn, securing the next generation.

That, together with a strict management by national and international regulations will help to secure the living resources in the world’s oceans.
What happened to the Snow Crabs in the Bering Sea should be an incentive to enforce strict control with both catches and stock.

PS> It may also keep more people from going hungry, if the quotas are distributed fairly.

PPS> Low GHG emission is an added bonus.

Quotas? When the last super efficient trawler operator declares bankruptcy we will convert that ship to a highly efficient Soylent Green processor.

Newbuilt Factory Trawler Emerald is the most technically advanced fishing vessel in the Faeroey fleet:

Seen here arriving in her home port:

Everbody laugh at vessels with home port LaPaz or Ulanbaator.
Here is another with her homeport far from any ocean:

The American fishing vessel FRIESLAND, in dock this week at Lyttelton NZ.
Improbably, her ‘port’ of registry is Las Vegas, Nevada.
Photo: Nick Tolerton ©

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The graving dock pictured has a pit to facilitate the removal of sailing ship rudders. Still in use after about 140 years.

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Heading out to the fishing grounds in the North Sea in balmy summer weather:

The UK-124 LUUT SENIOR outbound navigating the Stortemelk
Photo: Flying Focus Aerial Photography ©