Modern fishing vessel at work

Danish Pelagic Trawler/Seiner Astrid, blt. 2022, southbound in Karmsundet on Tuesday evening:

Photo: Arild B via NSF

PS> Looks more like a Super Yacht than a fishing boat.

37000 m.t. of herring reported last week:
Herring fishing north of Andenes is well under way.
Photo: Fishing boat

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Old but still going strong:

New, modern and efficient but … (add your own comment):

Photos: Odd-Remi Simonsen via NSF

New Squid Trawler on order for operation mainly around the Falklands

That looks very much like an X-Bow, but said to be fully designed by the Spanish building yard.

Scallop scraping in the Barents Sea was big business back in the 1980s but has been banned in Norwegian waters for over 30 year due to it’s destructive consequences for the seabed and all life there.

Now a vessel has been given a 5-year concession to resume harvesting scallops, using a new and innovative method:

The Arctic Pearl has been converted from a PSV:

“Arctic Pearl” was built as “Island Duke” for the shipping company Island Offshore in 2013. Archive photo: Island Offshore

She will soon be on her way to the Barents Sea to start her first expedition:

Naming ceremony at Fiskerstrand Shipyard 4 days ago.

A new Coastal Purse Seiner/Scottish Seine ordered in March 2021 for delivery in Nov. 2022:

The hull construction at Marine Projects in Gdansk, Poland was heavily delayed due to the Covid Pandemic and partly by the war in Ukraine.

Hull in Nov. 2021:

Progress by 1.July, 2022:

Now. (Early Dec. 2022):

The hull of “Nord-Fugløy” ready for launching and towing to Larsnes.
Photo by the yards via NSF

PS> Larsnes Shipyard estimate 6 months for outfitting, which starts once the hull arrive at their yard:

PPS: A new covered drydock is under construction at the yard in Larsnes: