Modern fishing vessel at work

Modern fishing vessel can still be looking good and have “lines”.
Multi-purpose Coastal Fishing vessel Seiner/Scotish Sulebas. Rigged for Seine/Scottish Seine:

Inbound to Tromsø, 21.07.2022.

Photo: Asimut

Fiskebas is a good looking Seiner.
Seen here in Ålesund 31.07.2022:

(Own picture)

She is available for more than just fishing:

Trying to comply with quota rules based on vessel LOA can cause some problems when you still have to pack onboard all the latest and best of equipment and consider crew comfort:

Storholm inbound for Forsnavåg with a full catch of mackrel:

PS> In this case; below 15 m. LOA

With more normal trim:

Pulling in her purse seine net in Breisundet, 23.02.2018:

Catching herring in calm coastal waters:

The crew of 3:

Even more “cubby” (LOA <15m):

Athena finished unloading in Fosnavåg and off on a new trip

Photo: M.A.Kvalvik

Two nice modern fishing vessels in Ålesund tonight.



Own pictures from a few days ago (same place):

Seiner Svanhaug Elise heading home wiith her catch:

Photo: Sven Arild Pedersen

Pelagic Trawler/Seiner Rogne with a full load of Mackrel:

Photo: Sven Arild Pedersen

New small fishing vessel join the fleet homeported at Flekkeroy, Southern Norway.
Rigged for Trawling/Scottish Seine:

Ordered Nov. 2019:

Launched Dec. 2021:

Delivered 29.08.2022 at Skagen:

Now the Monsun has arrived in her home port:,_kjaere_�Onkel_Bjarne�_(102)


Winch control:

Mess room:

Recreation room:


Single cabin:

Double cabin:

In-situ toilet/bathroom:

Fish processing deck:

Engine room:

Photos by:

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Whaler “Kvalungen” passing Tromsø on her way south today:

Photo; Asimut via NSF

Built: 1978 Sletta Båtbyggeri AS, Norway.
Gt: 24,9 t. Nt: 7,36 m.
Loa. 16,05 m. Br. 4,59 m.
Engine: 444 Bhp. Deutz.
Flag: Norway.
Ex. Veibuen (91), Kent Inge (92), Røsnes (95).

13/10-2017 Honningsvåg:

A couple of modern Longliners:

“Østerfjord” in Tromsøysundet this afternoon. Has unloaded at the Tromsø terminal. Østerfjord by Asimut 2 ,

“Atlantic” in Tromsøysundet on Friday evening. Atlantic by Azimut 2 ,

In the shadow of the beast:

From left;
Harto: Harto (11/2009) | Maritimt Magasin
Paul Senior: Paul Senior (04/2010) | Maritimt Magasin
Volt Harvest II: Volt Harvest II (01/2022) | Maritimt Magasin
Hepsøhav: Hepsøhav (02/2008) | Maritimt Magasin

The beast: Costa Fascinosa: itineraries, cabins, suites, decks | Costa Cruises

The Norwegian system of quota based on LOA of coastal fishing vessel, combined with the requirement for fancy equipment and crew comfort, makes for som “chubby” looking boat.
Here are some examples:
Liv Elise. blt. 2022. LOA <11 m.:

“Live Elise” is equipped with a Mustad autoline system with 18,000 hooks in the magazine.
Straumværingen, blt. 2021. LOA <15m:

Straumværingen is a multi-purpose vessel, but mainly rigged for Scottish Seine.
She is equipped with RSW-system, but may also deliver her catch alive.

Ke-To blt.2021. LOA <21m.:

Ke-To is rigged both for Scottish Seine and Autoline. Equipped for onboard processing, or to carry the catch live.

Not the nicest of lines, but functional and efficient little boats that maximize their quota.

Factory trawler “Havbryn” gets her autumn cleaning at Båtbygg

Both photos: Båtbygg via NSF


New Pelagic Trawler/Seiner ordered in Denmark for Scottish owners;

She was named “Artemis” today;:

Photo: Bandholm Skibsbilleder

Ulstein is back at their roots, fishing vessels:

But with X-Bow of course:

“Ecofive”; The name is an abbreviation for “Eco-Friendly Fishing Vessel”.

“Rebekka L” with Starboard side alongside at the quay at Stadyard Sunday 4 September

Coastal Seiner “Sander Andre” heading south in Ulvesundet Sunday 4 September

Photo: © Oddgeir Refvik

Three new Pelagic Trawlers from Turkish yard to Atlantic Dawn, Ireland, Laila, Lauren & Veronica:

Here is an article from the naming ceremony for the first one, Laila, in Dec. last year:

Take a virtual tour of the Laila:

PS> The third in the series, Veronica, was delivered last week.

Not a fishing vessel but a support vessel fot Aker BioMarine’s Krill fishing activity in the Southern Ocean:

Antarctic Provider transport krill products, crew, fuel and consumables between the harvesting vessels and Aker BioMarine’s logistics hub in Montevideo, Uruguay.
The krill meal will usually travel by container boats from Uruguay and up to Norway, but because of shortage of containers the Antarctic Provider now carry her cargo all the way to Norway in the off season, when the three catching and processing vessel in the fleet is in for annual maintenance:

She is now in the North Sea. On her way to Florø for docking after having delivered her cargo of krill meal at Husøya

Here is a description of their operation and the catcher fleet:

Incl. the processing plant in Houston:

Compact coastal fishing vessel Hege Theresa at sea on a clear sunny day:

Photo: Odd Remi Simonsen via NSF