MMC Labels

So I received my upgrade MMC stick-on labels from NMC. Reviewed them and realized one of my STCW ratings was not included, called them and they sent another label with the single STCW rating that I was missing.

I never actually stuck the first set of labels into my MMC 'cause I thought they might send me a new set of STCW pages. So now I’m wondering if I should stick the lone STCW rating label in after the original STCW rating label followed by my national endorsement labels or if I should insert all of the labels in the chronological order I received them i.e. original STCW, national endorsement, and then the lone STCW rating label at the end. Probably overthinking this…lol

In the order received.

Called this morning. That’s what they said…or they flipped a coin.