Question about MMC

I am in need of guidance. My rating is OS/WIPER and I have no sea time. I am getting organized so I can start the whole “knocking on doors” thing.

I recently completed STCW Basic Training (the “Safety” has been dropped). Is it necessary to send the four certificates to the NMC? My credential is not expiring. I am not upgrading my rating.

When applying at companies, will it matter that I have the “hard copies” of the certificates and NOT have Basic Training recognized on my MMC?

My thoughts/concerns are:

  1. If I can apply with the hard copies of the B.T. certificates, I can do this immediately.
  2. If I send the certificates to the NMC, I will have to wait until my new MMC arrives–maybe a month or more. Is this accurate?

I prefer #1 above.

Thanks in advance