Does BST transfer to mmc

I currently hold a 100 ton master, I just completed my AB unlimited, LB, and am waiting for my MMC. I have been working mostly international on yachts and have my basic safety training stated on my license as, “[B]the holder of this license meets the STCW 1995 regulations without further endorsement[/B]”. I keep getting inconsistant answers from the USCG as to whether or not my BST will transfer over to my MMC. Is there any one who has been through this situation out there, I’m kinda in a bind as my evaluator is not to keen on returning my calls?:confused:

should be:
"[I]Under previous regulations, the Coast Guard issued up to four credentials per mariner including a Merchant Mariner’s Document, Merchant Mariner’s License, Certificate of Registry and an [U]International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers Endorsement[/U]. Each credential served a separate purpose, thus creating the possibility that a mariner might need all four. The new consolidated MMC replaces the four separate Coast Guard-issued documents with one Merchant Mariner Credential."[/I]

What jeffrox was trying to say, and very well done by the way, Jeff, is yes…You will also notice that one of the requirements for AB is the completion of BST…

none of the evaluators are good about retuning calls, send them an email and then forward to them 10-15 times and you will get a response. . But the BST did transfer over to the MMC for me but again you will have to stay on your evaluator

NMC has said that they are going to start listing STCW endorsements that they previously did not because they were considered ‘inherent in the license’ (i.e. Jeff pointed out that BST is req’d for AB, ergo, if you have AB, you have taken BST).

But even if they don’t list it specifically by name, it will be listed on the first page of your MMC in the form of Roman numerals: VI/1.