MMC eligibility question!

Hi there. new to the forums but ive been wanting to become a merchant mariner for a long time now, im into boats, scuba and all that ocean stuff :smiley: … well i have my t.w.i.c card already in hand and just received my package to apply for the mmc, one question though i have my t.w.i.c card, i have a backround of possession of marijuana from when i was 19 and now im 27 almost 28. i never smoked it or sold just was around with some people at the wrong time… would this disqualify me from getting my mmc?

No it will not disqualify you. You will need to declare it every time you apply for, upgrade or renew your MMC.

If you ever “forget” to declare it you’ll be screwed forever.

SO you didn’t inhale,…RIght?

Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy when it comes to the Coast Guard. As long as you are honest and have never actually failed a “whiz-quiz”, you should be fine. It’s possible that the CG will have some follow-up questions for you–again, honesty is the best policy–but you should have no problems. Believe it or not, despite all the stories you hear about the Coast Guard, they actually do understand to some extent the “young and stupid” phenomenon. And like DeckApe said, you can never forget to tell them on every application–they may remember stuff about you from 40 years ago, but they can’t seem to remember something you told them 5 minutes ago.

thanks for your replies, i feel more relieved starting monday i well be taking my physical exams and turn in all the paper work…
and no cap.lee no inhale i cant stand the smell… with the people i was with in my early age things couldve been worse.

Myself having a marijuana possession charge, I was able to get my MMC. I declared it as I usually do when applying along with a letter of explanation. Despite that, the Coast Guard asked me to send in a packet with pretty much the same information along with additional things. After that they sent me an MMC.

Obviously you will have to jump through a couple more hurdles than someone with a squeaky clean record but you will not be disqualified as long as you follow their instructions. Hope that helps and good luck.

thanks alot, what kind of other package did the coast guard gave u? tommorrow i should be getting physical exam, the explanation report and paying the fee. yea i doubt it would be denied i mean i got the t.w.i.c think there the same…

They are not the same. TWIC is to ensure you are not a terrorist, illegal foreign national or hard core criminal. MMC is to ensure you meet the USCG standards. That said, I’d be surprised if you didn’t get approved.

Usually if you can get a TWIC CG will not be a problem. I don’t know if its gotten any better but when it first started there were plenty on guys with MMD but had problems getting a TWIC.

The other packet from CG was basically a denial based on security/safety concerns but detailed a way to further the application by submitting a packet. Personally, I would call the number listed on that denial form as I received better instructions from the person there than I could gather from the form itself. If you get the same gentleman on the phone I did, he explained a fool proof format in which to send your appeal so to speak.

Basically they want explanation of your charge including if you went to rehab, probation etc. Also they want references to specifically attest to your sobriety and ability to be a reliable mariner.

Just an update for those who read this thread, or for those who has or had the same issues yeah its all cool i got approved and shall be getting my MMC within 10 days… yeahhh now goin towards my stcw.

Your credential has been issued and mailed via 1st class USPS. You can expect to receive your credential within 10 days.

What did you have to do to get it with that charge on your record? I have the same exact issue and have been stressing it? Also with that charge and you say you didn’t use it or “inhale” did you check yes where it asks if you were ever a drug user? I hate having this on my record it always Fu-ks me! And honestly I wasn’t a pot smoker.

I had possession but never used it or inhaled it was just laying around a friends car and who ever was in that car all got charged. thats what happens when theres no pointing fingers. i checked no for use of drugs. if u havent smoked it for along time i doubt it will show up, anyways once u do your drug screen u will receive a paper showing if u cleared or not before handing it to the cg. so dont stress it.

Where I live if no one cops to it the driver gets dinged, so I’ll assume it was yours but I don’t care and apparently now vneither does the USCG

What I was recently told by a guy at the Anchorage REC is that the application form will soon be changing and will only ask about your criminal life during the last five years. A touch of sanity in an otherwise insane process. it works for me because I can’t remember much of the stuff I did way back when and every five years I’ve been sending in a copy of the list of my sins. There’s seven of them in my file now, that should be plenty.

I’m not worried about it showing up in my ua, unless those tests got real serious and now can tell if you smoked it 17-18 years ago haha. My concern was what do they think when you have a pot conviction on your record but you check no to having used it? Maybe I was just in the same car as atomicphil.

[QUOTE=Michojay;52640]I’m not worried about it showing up in my ua, unless those tests got real serious and now can tell if you smoked it 17-18 years ago haha. My concern was what do they think when you have a pot conviction on your record but you check no to having used it? Maybe I was just in the same car as atomicphil.[/QUOTE]

If you got popped for possession, but were not a user, the answer is self evident. Yes; and no.

Maybe? Would maybe be a good answer? Or, uhm I forget.