Conviction Statements

This is off the CG website:

“Signed Conviction Statement: At the time of application, each applicant must provide written disclosure of all convictions not previously disclosed to the Coast Guard on an application.”

Does this mean I don’t need to resubmit conviction statements if I put them in when I got my original MMD? Would I still check “Yes”, and just write “Statements previously submitted” or something like that?


You’re correct. I was just at Mandeville REC and they told me you just check the “Yes” box, then write “On file/already submitted” and there’s no need to provide a written statement.

Cool, thanks! That makes it easy!

[QUOTE=Alex13;41935]Cool, thanks! That makes it easy![/QUOTE]

Famous last words. Let us know how that works out for you.

[QUOTE=Ea$y Money;41936]Famous last words. Let us know how that works out for you.[/QUOTE]


I have submitted my renewal WITH that box checked and the same litany of offenses that were included on my First application. Additionally I have included (by recommendation) a signed affidavit stating that ‘other than the listed offenses dated xx, xx & xx there have been no FURTHER convictions’

I’ll let you know

Hello everyone,
I’m new to this foum and am not sure if i’m asking this question in the right section but I have a question about receiving your merchant mariner credential. I’m planning on going to get my MMD at the end of september. The other day I messed around and made a stupid mistake and have to go to court on october 5th for a possession of marijuana charge. It’s my first offense so I’m really hoping it gets dropped. My question is with that misdemeanor on my record can that prevent me from getting my mmd or can I submit a statement for it and be ok? I’m also not sure if the fact that i’m going to apply before my court date is fine or whether I need to wait until after I go to court to go get the mmd. Any feedback is really appreciated.

Either way it’s not going to look good. The fact that you were recently arrested for marijuana possession could be reason enough to deny you of the MMD. A couple years down the road may be a different story. Don’t try to hide it because the arrest will come up in a background check.

suggest you “man up” and ask the NMC directly…you are going to be dealing with them directly at some later date anyway…you can direct your questions here…

they should explain to you what additional “hoops” you will need to jump through!!

good luck!!

I recently had my record expunged. When I put in an application soon should I disclose this as well. Put something like, “Statements previously submitted/already on file. All incidents since expunged. Final Order of Expungement Enclosed”

I have a copy of all of my license applications, including the conviction statement and supporting documentation. When I submit a new application, I simply open the file and hit the print button. I note that they have originals on file and provide a copy for them so they don’t have to go pull the file.

While adding an order of expungement is a nice addition, it’s largely irrelevant. The whole “conviction” statement is a bit misleading. The CG wants to know about any and all arrests, regardless of disposition. They want to play judge and jury all over again and it is at their discretion whether or not to approve your credential. You could have been found innocent of the charges and the CG could still deny your application. :frowning:

You’re correct