Signed Conviction Statement for MMC

Hello All,

I'm putting together my MMC application, and can't seem to find out exactly what the coast guard wants in a "signed conviction statement". I have a misdemeanor from about 8 years ago and i'd just like to know exactly what they want me to include in the statement. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have read so much valuable information from this site thank you all!

I believe,but cant quote CFRs , that they just need a signed statement, written by you, of the events in question,including disposition,and something to the effect that it was in the past,all cleared up,wont happen again kind of thing… that worked for a DUI I got years ago when I had a looong summer off in long island and needed to renew my MMC the next time… good luck and don’t sweat it.

I’ve had to do one of these every time I’ve upgraded or renewed. I just write a letter stating the date/place the offense occurred, that it was a misdemeanor, the outcome (fine or jail time) and sign and date the thing. I’ve never had a problem.

Just what the others said. It’s best to keep sending the same letter, so there is no problem in the future as they will always it on file.

Cool thanks alot guys il do just that.

Whatever you write keep a copy. So every renewal you can resubmit it.