Confused about MMC drug test requirements

Hi folks, just trying to fulfill this particular part of the MMC, specifically me applying for the MMC. Do I need to go to a testing facility that I select myself, like for instance my family doctor? Or am I only supposed to go to certain doctors that are USCG approved? If so can anyone tell me where to find those? Many thanks!

Aspiring Mariner

Drug Testing requirements for the MMC are here on the NMC Website with all of the other application requirements:

National Maritime Center Drug Testing Requirements

where you’ll find this document with more info:

I highly recommend you become familiar with the NMC website.

Many thanks Shipeng, I believe I was mistakenly looking at specifically Coast Guard drug requirements. This makes alot more sense.

You can go to anyone that is a certified specimen collector for DOT drug test panels. Most industrial clinics have a certified specimen collector on staff.

Google ‘DOT drug screen near me’ and they will be able to do it. Your family doctor may or may not depending on their practice and staff.

Many thanks Mak! That certainly narrows it down.

Anyone know how much these tests costs? Going to be without insurance the first few months I am in the US

You should be able to find one for $75-$100 depending on the area. Sometimes cheaper.

Once you’re employed, a letter from the company confirming that you participate in random testing is sufficient.

On the subject becoming a certified specimen collector yourself is a worthwhile investment if you want to move up. People are more willing to teach you things if you can cover their piss holding job.

Don’t forget to get your TWIC.

Option Three: Provide a letter attesting to pre-employment drug testing.

That almost sounds like an honor system? In other words they just trust you and I suppose the real drug tests begin when you are actually employed? Do I have that right?


That would come from a company that you work for that has done the drug testing for you.

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