MMC acceptance and Debt

Hello everyone. I was hired to work on an American based cruise ship. Obviously that is not happening for awhile due to Covid. However, I’m very anxious in the meantime with something on my conscious. I’ve already been hired by the cruise line, but it’s contingent on getting my MMC. I know I’ll pass the physical exam, and I have never been arrested so I will pass the background check. The thing is my credit is bad. I owe maybe $2k in debt, actually probably a little less but still. Will my credit score disqualify me, considering I have no other red flags whatsoever? Any information would be so appreciated!!

It won’t disqualify you from a MMC.


If your debt hasn’t gone to collections i wouldn’t worry.
The folks that have delinquent debt have to worry about gov’t secret clearances. You should be ok.

Some mariners out there would pray to only have 2k in debt. One mans opinion, you should be ok.


Lol, no kidding :rofl:


What if it does go to collections, will I be disqualified then? If it goes to collections and I pay it will make a difference?

No. Debt does not matter at all for an MMC.

If it did, a significant percentage of the crew wouldn’t have an MMC.

Most employers will do a cursory criminal background check. Some many do a credit check. No one is going to care about a $2000 debt.


Like others have said, having 2k in debt is almost laughable.
If you were looking to get a gov’t clearance of some sort, sure…you may get questioned about your deliquency. For general employment and your mmc, as long as you don’t have warrants out for your arrest and aren’t a recent felon, you should be ok. Just answer any application questions as honestly as you can.

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