Mmc diqualification

I have a warrant for a failure to appear in court for a DUI. This was over 7 years ago. It was not in my home state, so i just left. Would that prevent me from obtaining an mmc? I have a TWIC. Thanks

Having an outstanding warrant alone would likely prevent you from obtaining a mmc. The DUI is a whole separate issue. The ins and outs of that (prior DUI) have been subjects of posts in the past. Hit the search button and see for yourself.

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Bad news all around. They will find out through mmc application questions and the following National data base check. Hopefully you get the DUI and warrant stuff resolved in a positive manner before you apply.It won’t go away by avoiding it or lying on your application. Lying about it is an even worse penalty.

Get a good lawyer back where you have the outstanding warrant. Make sure that he looks up the USCG definition of conviction (he won’t know it without looking it up).

If you get a good lawyer that has a good working relationship with the prosecutor, and you have had a fairly clean record since, he might be able to talk the prosecutor into dropping those old charges.

Thanks y’all for responding. Really helpful.

I’d apply and be honest. You definitely want to get it taken care of before sailing though, especially in the gulf. First time through U.S. Customs you’d be cuffed and stuffed.

ya, DON"T LIE !!! That’s like switching the plates on your cars cuz one is expired!! MUCH better to take a ticket.

Any outstanding warrants are going to prevent you from obtaining your MMC. Pay your restitution.Just because you were able to obtain a TWIC credential does not mean youll qualify for your MMC. Do you now hold a a valid drivers License? The bad news is this type of conviction is going to affect your job opportunities. If you had taken care of it from the start you would be in a better position.

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He has not been convicted yet. He just has pending old charges. He needs to get those charges dropped. That may be doable.

Absolutely that is the right move. 7 years to do that warrants do not help his cause. I bet he has a license in another State. He could slide through with the no conviction as of this time with the NMC but getting a job ? I doubt it