Arrested During Application Process

Hello All,

I am currently renewing my 3rd A/E license. Unfortunately i made a stupid decision and was arrested recently. The NMC had my license in the “Awaiting security check” stage when this happened… I already got a letter from the TSA saying my TWIC may be revoked for a possible disqualifying offense unless i appeal, ask for a time extension, or send a waiver letter. I can only ask for more time for now.

My question is: will the MMC still be issued even if there is just charges? I haven’t even had my court date yet. It will probably be another month until and legal proceedings even happen. So its just charges for now.

I’m familiar with the MMC conviction statement, it seems like according to those rules, im not convicted(yet).

Does anyone have any experience with this and can tell me what they think will happen?

Are you surprised? You knew you had charges pending, did you admit that on your renewal application? If so they should have told you how to proceed or what further info they needed. As far as the USCG is concerned you are guilty until proven innocent or a reasonable explanations made.

The application had already been submitted for 3 months before the arrest.

What were you charged with? It makes a difference.

Is it a disqualifying offense according to twics checklist? Study the cfrs 46 CFR § 10.211. You might make it out okay, depends on the offense. You might have a rough year or two. Get a good lawyer. 46 CFR § 5.59 - Offenses for which revocation of credentials or endorsements is mandatory. | Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR) | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

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Did you read the title or OP?

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Thanks for the info. Its Nothing that immediately disqualifies me and Nothing drug related. Its also just charges for now until court date in early August, so theres nothing “proven”, which from what i keep reading it seems all “conviction” based for anything that relates the MMC…the TWIC is another story… I guess ill just wait and let you guys know how it shakes out then. Cheers.

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Yep and it didn’t state what the offense was whether DUI, murder or some other offense was involved in his 'stupid decision"

Be honest with them. Better come clean now. Get a maritime attorney and beg the USCG for another shot. Dont play games here on this issue. Is this a felony? Time is of essence. Act fast, the longer you stall or hope it goes away the worse it will get.

At this point, you are merely accused of a crime, but presumed to be innocent, unless and until you are formally convicted. Get good legal advice before disclosing anything.

Get a good lawyer and fight this case hard, with no prior record there is a good chance it can be plea bargained down to a misdemeanor, or perhaps you can prevail at trial.

A friend recently got felony gun charge dismissed before trial with good lawyering.