Credit check for employment

I am seeing notices on a lot of employment apps stating that the company ‘might’ run a consumer credit report on potential hiree’s. Well my credit right now sucks, is this going to be a deal breaker? One of the reasons I’m looking for this line of work is the opportunity to start repairing and repaying the debt that I have. If this isn’t going to work then maybe I should shift gears now rather than later. Looking forward to your thoughtful replies…:wink:

I’m sure there looking for huge things… Most everyone’s credit is in the tank right now I’m sure they think of that.

If you are not in a position where you have access to company/vessel funds it should not weigh too heavily against you.

If you’re applying for a job that requires a security clearance, like MSC, then you need good credit.

If you’re applying for master; they may run a credit report. If you’re applying for AB, or they need to fill an opening right away, I think its very unlikely that most companies would run a credit report.

There are lots of smaller employers that do not have the time, staff, money, or inclination to run credit reports.

Only one I’ve heard so far doing it is MSC and it is very intense for security reasons I just went threw it. When I worked for a tug company they didn’t do it and I used the company p card. Im sure there’s a few out there but if they do run it just be honest with them.

This has nothing to do with your application.

Some companies actually do credit checks on every employee. As long as you understand that they don’t do this for ALL applicants, but only when they decide to hire you, and do further checks.

The purpose of this is to determine personal responsibility. They figure is you are unable to balance your personal life (financial too) you may not be a good long term employee.

Does this make sense? Is this outlandish?

What is the world coming to? The next thing we know they expect sailors to be always sober church goers and virgins.

[QUOTE=tugsailor;74911]What is the world coming to? The next thing we know they expect sailors to be always sober church goers and virgins.[/QUOTE]

;););)thanks for the chuckle

pssh a credit check killed me for msc, some ass ran up some debts in my name( not me), lucky i got another job on a bulk cargo UMG ship, just came off my first hitch at 113 days, keep that shit under a watchful eye!

Employment credit checks are unpleasant, and yes, they can keep you from getting a job. That said, one might not, as many employers do forget about it and not all perform them, where it’s lawful to perform one.

Heard a HR guy say a credit check also let’s them know how deep you are in the hole so you’ll wanna work more then the schedule you are supposed to have. He said a 28-14 guy will work straight through when they are broke.

Do the HR people even know how a FICA score works. When I had 138k in student loan debt my score was between 811-824. But now that I am totally debt free it has dropped to 795 … Go figure

serving a debt gives you a higher score then being rich and debt free

Living within your means, what a novel concept.