Medical Certificate catch 22

I currently am awaiting my certificate which has been mailed. I am all set BUT. My question is what happens to my fellow mariners who cannot take their physical exams because the medical centers are closed for COVID19. I was just sent a notice my doctors office is closed for “elective” procedures. Again , I was lucky and got in for my annual which coincidentally was when my medical certificate was due.

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They’re screwed, and if they’re living pay-off to sign-on they’re really screwed, in thisnline of work always have enough scratch saved for at least a year off, and have a plan B, and then have plans C and D.

But then considering the wages we make none of us are as screwed as the bartenders or servers that just got laid off

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I was thinking the same about all this. Mine expires in June and I have a physical still from September 2019 and was wondering if that paperwork could be used for the cert if it’s within 1 year old (I hold onto them for Maersk employment.)

§10.304(d) Reports of medical and physical exams, demonstrations, and tests. These reports must be submitted within 12 months from the date signed by the licensed medical professional. When submitted with a complete application package, these reports remain valid for 12 months from the date the Coast Guard accepts a complete application.

So yes, if you have a 719K filled out less than a year ago, you can submit that for a new certificate. If you’ve had a physical within the last year but didn’t get the 719K filled out, submit the form to your doctor and see if they will complete it based on their records. You may need to augment some of the information like vision test if it wasn’t completed. But that doesn’t even need to be done by the same doctor that conducted your physical. You can get that filled out by any ophthalmologist on the same form your Dr. completes for you.

Received my certificate yesterday. Here in the “Live Free or Die” State it is a ghost town. Good luck my fellow mariners. NMC had some vague response to my same question posted here. I had Kelly Ayotte as my senator and her assistant’s father was a CE with Exxon. Every time I sent a question it was answered. I get canned response from Jeanne Shaheen now ,which has nothing to do with my subject. She is a dipshit.

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