Electronically submitted medical cert. Acknowledgement?

I am in the process of renewal and im summitted my 719k via (their preferred, not mine) e-mail to MEDAIP@USCG.mil. Can anyone tell me if they send a acknowledgment of receipt? Its been a several days and I have heard nothing so far. I dont want to wait too long before I submit via US Mail. Because I dont want my med to expire, which also makes my job expire.

or do I just wait and see if a new medical card shows up in the mail?

There is not much info on the NMC website other than how to submit.

I’d give them a call. I wanna say last time i did it i got an email acknowledgement.

I just got mine in the mail and I didn’t hear that they received mine for like 3 weeks. I called them and they said they were almost a month behind on applications.

Also, check the policy letter, but the med certs have extensions through October in most cases.

Extended, but not a policy letter (a different form of the Coast Guard sez…):

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From the above referenced MSIB:
Medical Certificates that expire between March 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021 are extended until the EARLIER of
o October 31, 2021; OR
o One (1) year after the initial expiration date of the medical certificate (i.e., one year after the
expiration date printed on the certificate).

I don’t recall receiving a confirmation email when I’ve submitted for medical cards. Pay attention to the file size, there’s a relatively small MB limit and you won’t get a notice that your email didn’t go through. The NMC website has the instructions on the file size and how to submit with multiple emails.

As @El_Segundo said, don’t send attachments over 8mb. If you need to send more than that split them into multiple emails.

The USCG medical certificate section is much better than a few years ago.

A few months ago my new medical certificate (renewing six months early in anticipation of delays) came fairly quickly. About month. From the time they said it was in the mail to arrival was about 10 days.

The file was 5.8mb so that isnt the problem, and my medical doesnt expire until the middle of September. Hopefully that gives them enough time. It should be a straightforward renewal.

Call the NMC or use the chat feature and they’ll give you more information.

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As a follow up:

A week after I sent my initial chat message I sent another asking if the chat feature was even checked. I received a prompt reply that said “yes, please wait more”. Well finally today I received another message stating that it takes 2 weeks for an acknowledgement to be generated. And my ticket was now closed.

That seems excessive to me but it is govt so I guess that’s normal.

Hopefully I hear from them again soon as it has been 14 days.

This is why I send stuff in a minimum of 90 days before expiration.

That sounds like what happens in after-hours. If you chat durring working hours it will be live.

My recent license renewal had longer than usual processing as well.

“Longer than usual”? You mean six months instead of three months for a renewal?

Government “services” at their finest.

It seems the only thing the government is good at is issuing welfare checks.

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I dunno. 5 years between samples is a lot of time. My last renewal was quicker for sure.
My last Med Cert seemed reasonably fast.