Med Cert Processing Time


How long is it taking these days to process a CG-719K? I know processing times for MMCs are crazy but coworkers I talked to said it wouldn’t affect med certs.

I sent in my CG-719K a month ago and got the automated reply saying that it was received, but have not heard back since. I tried using the USCG status check website but I just get errors in return.

This USCG report says it usually takes less than 20 days


30-35 days from submission to in hand.

Took over a month for them to toss it back to me needing a box checked. Fixed it and sent it back — bet that’s gonna be another month now before it even gets looked at again.

Oye… :man_facepalming:t2:

Always a good idea when leaving the doctors office to sit in the waiting room for 10 minutes and carefully go over your packet, that way you can have them fix it then and there.

There was a day or 2 recently where their status website was down. I just checked and it is up now.

I emailed my entire MMC initial application on 05/30/2023.

Medical Certificate was issued 06/27/2023.

So a month from submission of MMC packet to Medical Certificate issuance.

Not sure what happens next. Message I see is medical certificate would be mailed to address on file. So, I get that? Do I then submit back to the MMC application? Hopefully it’ll all be clear for me.

My med cert door to door was a month. MMC has been waiting almost 2 months now.


Do not EVER assume that the NMC has anything on file. It is better your package is complete and all in one PDF. Always include discharges, med cert, training…etc, anything relevant to your application. The more the better.

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FWIW before I got a chance to get an image of my medical cert to them my MMC status is now set to completed and printed. Frigging awesome!

Some years ago the Medical Certificates were very slow, then they suddenly became quite prompt. It has since slowed down a bit.

Yeah I remember getting them back really fast a couple years ago. Now it’s like they got a Milton Waddams in the basement responsible for doing all of them and he just gave up and set the building on fire. :man_facepalming:t2::roll_eyes:

Just remember if you submit sea service for periods where your med cert was expired, it won’t count.

It might, if it was in a position that didn’t require an MMC and medical certificate and it meets the service requirements for the endorsement applied for. Some inland/WR towing vessels and military vessels are two examples. But, if an MMC was required, you’re right.