Medical Certificate Vs Original Captains license

After going through entire process of taking test, completing application for original license and waiting, my husband received medical certificate instead and still no Captains license. I cant find anything that shows timeline of how long after the medical cert will license arrive. You’d think they send a notice telling you but not.Anyone know how long after medical cert areives can he expect to receive his offical Captain’s license? Thank you!

Has his application even been sent to the evaluator yet? They send email updates at every stage of the process.

  1. Call NMC

  2. NMC are really good about updating you on your progress through e-mail

  3. Medical certificate should always come first (as far as I know) with the MMC soon to follow, for me it took about 2 weeks if I remember right, but things change

  4. What’s a “captains license”?

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Oh yes. Everything has been done and we got confirmation that his application has been approved and much to our surprise instead of the license itself we got the medical CERT first. Assuming the actual captains license is on the way

My husband is traveling so forgive me if I don’t know the proper terms that it is for fishing charters captains license, six pack maybe

My most recent renewal, I received my medical certificate in the standard two weeks and then my license about 5 weeks later. Check your email. They send updates when the process moves through the different phases. Medical is first, then professional qualifications, then issuance. It’s best to be patient and apply well before you will need your credential when you’re dealing with the NMC.


There will be theee expiration dates on most medical certificates.

One is for the National License and is normally good for five years.

One is for STCW (if he has STCW credentials associated with his national license) and is normally good for two years.

And the third is for if he’s a pilot (probably not as relevant for your husband right now).

At a minimum, you and he will need to track expiration dates separate for;

The actual license

The medical fitness certificate

And any radar endorsement

Two, not ten.

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He has an oupv, he probably doesn’t have radar observer.

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Yeah. For that typo fixed