License Renewal

I contantly hear stories about how backed up or how “screwed” up the NMC is, and I’m sure these stories have some truth; however, I wanted to let everyone know that times may be changing. I submitted my renewal/STCW paperwork Feb 4th and and have an issue date of last week.

did you have any medical conditions requiring review?

No I don’t think I had anything differant than any other 40 year old, cholesterol and such. I kept up with the status on the web site and it showed that it was at medical review for most of the time.

Good news. So far the best turnaround I have heard.

Wonder why? Could they have been listening to the industry or is this an isolated incident?

You used the four page medical form with no flagged medical conditions? Wrote that you monitored but did you enquire via email?

Got the part about being over 40, so you got your license, MMD and STCW renewed. New endorsements on STCW?

Trying to put pieces together why your renewal took 30 days and mine almost 4 months. Gosh I hope this will be the norm from now on.

Still don’t agree with the present protocol of being medically evaluated by someone that never sees a body. The FAA has certified physicians who pilots must see for medical evaluations located countrywide. Why didn’t our CG use the FAA model??

Hear! Hear!

Finally someone who understands the folly of the USCG’s major medical fiasco. There are going to be many mariners over 50 put out of their profession for no other reason than a review officer in West Virginia deciding a person’s fate without speaking to them or doing any examination themselves. What are the established appeal procedures if you are not renewed? Are there any?

This needs to be fought by all American marines!

USCG approved doctors doesn’t seem like a good idea to me.

The best you can do is read and understand the Medical NVIC with the personal physician of your choice and if you can comprehend the english language, you’ll know your individual situation in reference to the NVIC. Regardless of being vetted at NMC, you should know the outcome before even submitting your application and you can easily fix any situation with your doctor before submission.

You might not like it, but the last thing that anyone should advocate is going to a doctor that the USCG says you have to go to…F^&$K that…that would be worse.

Im not sure why mine went so quickly. I didn’t email or call anyone. I didn’t have any upgrades or such just: 1600 oceans, towing ect… The only thing I may have done differantly is that I invested $125 and went to a local maritime school and had them prepare my paperwork.
I have read somewhere that the NMC hired some new personnel to try and get past some of the paperwork bottlenecks.
I have to agree with anchorman that the best thing a person can do is know their own situation before applying.

joen1- Thank you for the reply.

Apparently our friends at the CG have been listening to our complaints. I still wonder if you are the exception?

The reason I do not like my licensed fate hinging upon the medical review system as it stands now. The final determination is made by someone I do not see in person.

I heard of a fellow Type II diabetic that took five months to receive his license. What could be more cut and dry than disclosing this information with medications prescribed but the paper trail was never enough. Therefore took five months and this was before June 08 when the Physical Standards NVIC came into play.
If we were allowed to see a certified physician that could make the final determination this would have cut his license wait down to several weeks as it was in your case.

I do not believe the civilian mariner is properly being served by the system as it stands now. Lost income due to a paper shuffle in W. VA!