Hats off to NMC

Merry Christmas all,
I just thought I would share with anyone concerned about renewing with a medical condition. I renewed in Feb. 2007 and in March 2007 suffered a heart attack, thank God I had already renewed!!
Well I started my renewal process this time a FULL year early not knowing what terrible things I may be put through in order to renew this time after suffering the big H. Round 1 was sending in the application, sea time letters, physical/drug screen, all the standard things. NMC’s response took about a month and they wanted additional medical info, namely, a stress test and EKG. So, I go to my cardiologist and get these things, $1575 smackers after insurance!!! I send these to NMC only to get the following reply 3 weeks later, "Due to a cerebral stent mentioned by your dr. we want a neurological analysis, BLAH BLAH BLAH. Bottom line, because of an accident I had in 1980 they want all this garbage. I went back to my cardiologist and explained what was going on and showed them the letter. The dr. wrote a simple letter explaining that no effects existed, etc. and I had no restrictions placed upon me.
Today NMC emailed me telling me I had passed the medical evaluation!!! Bottom line is (for me anyway) the new physical and medical they require are not too scary or bad. True, I had to pay for a neuclear stress test and an EKG but that is small peanuts compared to no job and besides it will come off my taxes.
I figure I will not mention any of this again on renewal since I have reported it to them so it should be behind me. I know colleages have advised me to simply not report what has happened or to not disclose my medications, etc. I strongly recommend against that unless you want to risk jail and suspension should your license be looked into because of an accident, etc. Anyway I wish everyone else with medical conditions like myself as much sucess as me and again a big hats off to NMC for a job well done.

Glad you survived the big one, CT. As for lieing on the forms, the trouble with that is you have to remember your lies and not get them mixed up. And you WILL get them mixed up. Then you’re boned.

While not the Coast Guard (and there are other extenuating circumstances as well) note this little story about someone who intentionally left a medical condition off of his FAA license and the ensuing actions.


For anyone else. if this is your situation you should be aware that going forward from a renewal following this kind of situation you’ll be issued a waiver letter by the NMC and they will expect the cardiac consult/report and 24hr Holter monitor annually [I](or notice within 30 days if your condition has changed)[/I] if you’re licensed as a pilot [I](or acting as one)[/I] and [I][B]require[/B][/I] an annual physical .

Not to mention your employer, they are aware of the Medical Waivers and the conditions of such. I had a heart attack on the boat 11/16/2011. Can’t go back until I have a new waiver issued, not even as a deckhand. According to the CG my credential is invalid at the moment. Might be back to work by March.

Ouch. On disability??