License Renewal, Who do we contact? !?

:mad: I run a sportfishing business in San Pedro, CA. I have 2 Captains that submitted their license renewals, both are stuck in MEB (which is medical Review) One has been there for 4 months and the other for 2 months. We start back to work on March 1st. Does anyone know what we can do to speed up the process? I have read some of the posts and I guess I will be at my Representative’s office tomorrow… but there must be away we can request that they give renewals a grace period because of their delay… anyone have any suggestions? Let’s get an e-mail bombing going to the key person (I’m hoping someone knows who that is) that we need to have a grace period!!! Thanks for you response :slight_smile:

It seems to be an industry problem and from what I hear, NMC is way under staffed in qualified personnel that can approve medical issues. They are trying to correct the backlog, but it will be months to even catch back up.

Captain DD,

I had similar concerns with my Master’s renewal application last fall. Write to and detail the application information to them (mariner #'s, application date, drop dead renewal needed date to keep business running, etc.). If they have any medical problems that were reported on the application physical throw a brief description of what the problem is and how they’re dealing with it and that they are in otherwise good health (assuming that’s the truth). The worst they can do is say nope… we aren’t going to help you and then you can head on down to your Representative’s office with some hard copy evidence of their unwillingness to keep your business moving in this lousy economy. In my case my file status changed from 2-3 months to go to ‘issued’ inside of a week after I did that.


I will contact them again. I have been sending them e-mails and all I get back is “they are backlogged”… I even spoke with someone and they said, oh, we’re about 4-5 months out!

Thanks I will try listing the problem!.. I sent an e-mail to our new President too… that would be a hoot if I got a reply!

I’d suggest you start looking for replacement crew…

I don’t know if it will help but at least I got a reply from my congressman:
“Congressman Edwards wanted me to reply to your email regarding the National Maritime Center experiencing a backlog in processing mariners’ license applications. The Congressman will be happy to contact the appropriate US Coast Guard officials regarding this matter on your behalf and/or any other mariners, who reside in the 17<sup>th</sup> Congressional District, that are experiencing this lengthy wait. In order to do so, the Congressman must have the attached Constituent Inquiry Authorization form completed and returned to me. As soon as it is received, Congressman Edwards will contact the USCG. It is hoped with the inquiry by the Congressman, the response will be favorable.”