Does anybody know what’s going on with Maritime I call the numbers they have listed, leave messages, e-mail, etc. It’s the middle of the workday in PNW and I just got their answering service (didn’t know those existed any more).

All i’ve ever heard here is good about them, so wondering why I can’t make contact.

They have had some bad weather of Biblical proportions in WA state, maybe they are out of reach cuz of that.:frowning:

I’ve swapped a couple of emails with Norleen in the last two weeks, perhaps she’s on vacation now?

We are big fans of Norleen’s at but if she is out you may want to try Andy Hammond at Maritime Licensing, LLC. We tend to point Eastcoaster’s to Andy and Westcoaster’s. Both are good but Norleen get’s our endorsement as she takes an activle role in this site while Andy and a few other Red Sox fans recently started a new blog for recreational “captains” and decided to name it, of all things, :mad:.

Lucky for us it takes more than a name to get loyal readers :). Thanks guys!.

I was having a bit of a problem with the issuance of my MMC.

One call from Norleen (at Maritime Licensing) to my evaluator and the problem was fixed and MMC was printed and in the mail the same day. :slight_smile:

Her number is 360 447-8328.