NMC Site Problems, Share Contact 411 for REC

Update your saved links- NMC’s site has moved to http://www.dco.uscg.mil/Our-Organization/Assistant-Commandant-for-Prevention-Policy-CG-5P/National-Maritime-Center/

You can also find it through a search. I know this is old news since they sent an email but it’s not redirecting me like they said it would.

Is anyone else getting a weird pop up about security certificates there now? I can’t even get to a point where I can the phone number to call and make a complaint. Making another call to Boston Rec now.

Maybe it’s time to start a place for contacts we have for actual people.

Boston- call 617.223.3040 to call any of them. Nick picks up at 617.223.3050 and Meghan at 617.557.9086. Exam room is Mr. Bill at 617.557.9082.

Baltimore- I used to call John Cassity at 410.962.0904.

Anybody else have good contacts?

They finally got the forwarding link working. The new site is real spartan. I’ll give it awhile to say if I can find things easier now, or not. I knew my way around the old site pretty well, so we’ll see. I hope they keep the old easy to remember web address valid, and just continue to forward. If they kill it off together, I’ll never be able to give the new, stupidly long, web address to anyone.

This slimmed down site may be easier to access onboard ship, with limited bandwidth. I tried the approved course look-up, and instead of the pop up window to choose the class, you get a 744 page PDF of all the classes, in abc order of the name of the school, that takes forever to download. (on a ships computer.) This will be a super pain in the @$$.

Also, Firefox won’t allow me to access their website feedback link due to major security issue. Lets see if that gets fixed.

Looks like NMC wants our feedback on the website now? Just got a message from a friend about it because it’s one of my ongoing gripes, so I encourage all of you to go provide the feedback they want. On the NMC website look for the “Website Feedback” button. I’m leaving them feedback that includes a new gripe about this survey not loading correctly!