NMC getting caught up with big surge

I talked to a few people in the know and it appears that the NMC is getting caught up on the backlog since the “Dream Team” rolled into town. This week is their last week and then they go back home is what I understand. The current backlog is down to about three thousand from what I heard. Not bad but I guess quality is still an issue so check your credentials carefully when you get them. They are still going by “get them out the door and we will worry about mistakes later”.

Any suggests on how to get mistakes corrected? Omissions in my STCW, etc.

I would e-mail them to death. It’s the only way to get their attention. If enough people do it maybe they will set up a team to expedite credentials with errors.
Email the Captain and copy his second and third in command.


Brian.k.eisentrout@uscg.mil Deputy Director

tina.m.bassett@uscg.mil number three

They can’t hate me any more than they already do for posting their e-mail addresses on here. One of the people who was up there from a REC mentioned my name and was told “We don’t say his name around here”. I don’t understand, how can anyone not like me?

Oh yea, if that doesn’t work, try the Commandant.

I received this email today 7/21

Please be advised the estimated processing time is 10-12 weeks from start to finish. Please check your status again in a few days. Have a great day!

Thank you for contacting the Mariner Information Call Center.

[quote=former contract evaluator;15930]

They can’t hate me any more than they already do

“We don’t say his name around here”.


In any big bureaucracy ,there always seems to be at least one guy mucking up the works for the rest, by trying to get the job done…:slight_smile:

nice job…

Thanks “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”, I mean Lord Voldemort…

Yeah, well somehow my Raises of Grade line disappeared from my application status… Now says “duplicate”, which used to be on a separate line. I hope they didn’t lose my stuff.