NMC MMC Verification Tool

Greetings To All,
I’m Grant, AB Unlimited/Tankerman Assit. Was just curious if anyone else had any issues with the verification tool on the NMC site. I click on the tool icon and am redirected to a page that reads “address not found.” I have used the site on numerous occasions to verify exactly the status of my credential, but all day today, the tool has been faulty. Input appreciated.

Many times when I look up my own credentials the website says it cannot find my information…

I looked it up a couple days ago and it was working.

So, has anybody else had issues with the new site’s verification tool? I’m having bigger issues with it now too.

USCG recently migrated all websites to new servers hosted by Defense Media Activity (September). As a result the Web is now full of broken links. Perhaps this is what has caused your issue.

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Yeah, it just freaks you out when it’s a “this mariner has no valid credentials” instead of an error message. To the point I called yesterday just to make sure the system was glitching. It is. Apparently pretty badly from what NMC said when I talked to them.

What else would you expect from NMC?

I’m always surprised when anything they do is not a complete cluster.

It would be nice if this credentials verification worked reliably.

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This had me worried as well. When I first tried to use it the system gave me a similar prompt or something along the lines of they could not find records for this mariner. I have tried it several times throughout my maritime career (Albeit not a long time) and have never been able to find myself with it.

I wonder how often employers attempt to use this tool to verify credentials before hiring a candidate? I guess not too often due to the fact that I have been employed…

I know more than a few port captains that have used it in the past quite frequently