gotta vent:
this is like the 100th time on gcaptain I have read about people sending in documents or letters to the REC/<ACRONYM title=“National Maritime Center”>NMC</ACRONYM>, the REC/<ACRONYM title=“National Maritime Center”>NMC</ACRONYM> accidentally loses or misplaces the item, the mariner who submited it didn’t keep a copy, then the mariner posts on gcaptain about how unfair it is and how the REC/<ACRONYM title=“National Maritime Center”>NMC</ACRONYM> must have some sort of vendetta against them.

sure, the REC/<ACRONYM title=“National Maritime Center”>NMC</ACRONYM> loses stuff on occassion. no surprise: it is a huge goverment organization overstaffed with marginally paid employees with little incentive for output &/or efficiency. the polar opposite of most our our private commerical work… imagine a DMV on steroids.

jeeze, common sense here folks: always make copies of important documents and don’t blame others for your poor planning.

proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance

Man that reminds me of the time I was getting ready to test for my 3rd Mate’s license. I was at the temporary Coast Guard Station portable building set up right next to the levee on the Lake after Katrina. This guy was in the with his wife and he had all these papers in no particular order. He was missing all kinds of shit. Basic things like his sea time letter and drug screen. The lady was going down the checklist that you can get online, asking for this and that. It took forever. I wanted to scream, “Hey you, get your shit together. Can’t you see the line of people behind you?” But I just kept my mouth shut and sat there like a good soldier, but I was thinking. Really? We all make mistakes, but damn!

When I sent in my 1600 packet recently I put a checklist fist then everything in order behind that…even put little index tabs on each section labeled accordingly. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for whoevers desk it may land on. So far it moving swiftly.

I think the same can be said for following up on any of that - sitting around a month or so waiting for NMC(or anyone ELSE for that matter) to contact YOU after making a request or sending something in is just plain ridiculous. Guys I worked with on the boats were always AMAZED that got stuff done in such a timely manner - ALL I did was follow up and ask questons. Maybe it’s the CPO in me…