Cg 719

Does anyone remember if we are supposed to send our physical forms to the local REC or directly to NMC? Thanks in advance. Seadog

You scan and email it to the REC, who will forward it to the NMC.

REC, just make sure to do the subject line properly to their submission format.

How is it supposed to be? I guess I missed where it said how they want it.

Step 6: The subject line of your e-mail must be: (Last name, first name, middle name, mariner reference #). Example: (Mariner, Johnny, L, #####).
Note: New applicants will not have reference numbers.

Well hell, guess I need to resend that

I guess I need to keep up with the times, I didn’t know the package could be emailed in, I was getting ready to send my renewal package in on Monday or Tuesday, just emailed it, much better.

Thanks, everyone!

If there is an REC near you its best to go in. If there is any kind of missing or improper paperwork they fix it there. If you mail it and somethings wrong they send it back which can lead to long delays.

Agreed. But the nearest to me Is almost 300 miles away.

I emailed mine into the NY REC and the lady wrote back asking where was the other piece of paper was before it was sent to the NMC.