Mariner #

Just curious, any danger in publicly disclosing your Mariner #? Or better example, in a correspondence/email that could easily be forwarded to others? Nobody can do much with it, correct?

That is a good question.

I don’t know if the USCG tries to keep it confidential either.

You can find license validity by entering document number and last name on the CG website, same with an airman certificate on the FAA website but no other information. When my CG file disappeared between the Houston REC and West Virginia, the CG signed me up with an ID protection plan at their expense so they showed some concern. They managed to locate my file eventually.

Your file has your SSN and other personal information.

I don’t see any way anyone can misuse a reference number, I give it out freely.

Didn’t our old paper license have the number on it? I’m not home to grab mine and check. But we used to hang those in public places. I’ve been on ferry boats where they were hung for the general public to see

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The old paper license had the license serial number on it, not your mariner reference number.

Thanks for pointing out the obvious. I answered the question, ie, the only information obtainable from number and name is the validity of the license BUT NO OTHER INFORMATION.
The rest was to show that the CG takes breaches seriously.

It wasn’t clear in your post.

It was on your Z card but not your license as capt Phoenix mentioned.

You’re still supposed to hang a copy of the STCW pages of your MMC… unless you’re in a foreign port. If I remember the NVIC right.

I make copies to save any heartache but I have asked the CG during COI as well as ABS during annuals and they both stated they don’t care as long as you can produce it on the spot. The problem in some US ports is that you have to show it to get in the gate. We all agreed though that its bs because that is what the twic is for

I use my mariner number on the drug test forms where it asks for SSN or employee ID. I can’t stand listing my SSN on any document I don’t control. And why does every doctor’s office I’ve ever visited insist they need SSN in addition to my insurance information? I refuse to give it to them, but it always ends up in an uncomfortable discussion.

The only place I have run across this is Port Everglades and each time I laugh when they tell me I need my document to leave and return. I kindly tell them that I will not be taking my license anywhere off of the ship, refer them to my TWIC card and corresponding crew list and then go on about my way. When I return, it is usually a new rent a cop wanting some entirely different Florida ports ID or a foreign crewman landing permit. I’ve never not been able to return to the ship.

Absolutely nothing was improved with the advent of TWIC.


I remember when there were no checks to enter or leave Port Everglades. In fact, there used to be a hole in the fence on the north side, conveniently close to the Pink Pussycat. What a coincidence, no? There also used to be an observation area at the water discharge from the power plant. The warm water attracted a multitude of tropical fish and manatees. Great viewing. I remember showing it to my ex, who grew up there and had never seen a manatee outside of an aquarium before.