Letter to test

I got my letter to test for my 500NC license today. However I wont be ready to take the test before my current license expires. I sent my stuff in sort of on a whim, I wassnt sure if I had all the time I needed but It looks like I do. Does anyone know if I can go ahead and request to get what I have now re-newed and sent to me? Im planning on calling them tomorrow but if you guys know, or think that my new red book will show up on its own in the next day or two let me know!

Ill need a few months to cram all I need to review and refresh to be confident in passing the test, in the mean time I need my license to work.

You have year to test.

As far as I know, if your shit expires you can’t work. You don’t get an extension because you might be upgrading sometime in the next year.

Nope nothing is going to magically appear.

The CG never gives you anything, you have to ask for it.

Sucks but you are going to have to submit another app and pay some more fees to renew your current license. Good news is you already went through the hassle of getting everything togeather to submit for your upgrade. Just put copies of what you already sent them in your new app. You could try just submitting your app without it, but I have never wanted to take the risk of it getting held up because someone was to lazy to pull my file and see that I just gave them the same stuff a month ago.

Interesting thing is that once you upgrade you’re old credential is still valid until it expires.

Jemplayer, I was corrected on that point a while back. Apparently there is a CFR or USC that specifically states that any old credentials are no longer valid once a new credential is issued.


Contact the NMC and ask them to amend your application so that you are also renewing your existing document. I was in the same boat and that is what I did. Worst case is that you will have to pay for two issuances, the first being your renewal and the second being the new license when you pass your exams. Ask them for delayed issuance in case you can test before the expiration and pass everything.

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[QUOTE=Capt. Schmitt;60853]Jemplayer, I was corrected on that point a while back. Apparently there is a CFR or USC that specifically states that any old credentials are no longer valid once a new credential is issued.[/QUOTE]

Then they CG needs to remove your old credential from their database when you upgrade.

My 100 ton master expires today, but before that I would put my number in the credential verification website and it says that I’m was a 100 and a 500 ton master. I saw that and was confused but figured if it was still in the system then it must still be good.

Ok thanks. I did check the renewal box For my 200 Ton,ab, stcw, ect so I figgured they would send me my new mmc and my letter to test. I guess I’ll find out.

Yes, I agree they need to update their website. My argument at the time was that their site shows it is valid but the CFR says otherwise. I expect the site auto removes credentials when they have reached their expiration date and programing it to recognize when one is invalidated would be too complicated.

I checked and it does remove them as they expire.

Really though how hard would it be for who ever signs off on your stuff to spend 30 seconds clicking a check mark to remove stuff from the system? Shouldn’t be that hard for a good programmer to do, but it is the government…

Well, I know they are removed, I said I expect they get “auto removed”, as in without a person needing to do anything.

I think trying to teach a computer the intricacies of the license system to know what supersedes what would be impossible. Example, if someone has a 500 ton mate license of motor, steam, and sail then upgrade to a 1600 ton mate mate motor and steam but doing have the tonnage to upgrade the sail. How do you tell the computer that the new 1600 doesn’t override the old 500 this time but the other 99.9% of the time it does?

I agree also that it seems like it would take minimal effort by an actual person to update it manually when they process your new document but it is the NMC after all…

I think you nailed it on the head right there. It’s the NMC and they realize that they don’t fully understand all the intricacies that go into the licensing system so it’s best to just let the system auto expire them out.