License expired 2 years ago...attempting retest

Hello All,

My license expired in August 2017. Obviously past 1 year grace period at this point. Wasn’t planning on going back offshore due to the birth of my son and what seemed to be a great job opportunity at home. However, things have gotten tough financially and as fate would have it, the company I used to work for called and offered a job out of nowhere. Previously I held a 500GRT NC, 1600 OSV, 1600GRT/3000GT, OICNW, blah blah blah. So with that said, I’ve been out of the loop and am in need of quick employment. I am in no way ready to retest for my previous license. Sadly I did not retain enough to take the modules required with confidence. Particularly Nav Problems. So being that I only need 100GRT NC, I’m thinking I’m just gonna send in for that.

Now to my question…I’ve been using the Upgrade U app for studying but it seems like the questions from 500/1600. I don’t remember height of tide, velocity of current, time to intercept, etc. being on 100ton when I got it years ago. Under the new regs, do the test 100ton on those subjects now? Also would I basically be applying as original?

Yes (for the licenses you had)

So I noticed a new checklist since I was last offshore and it’s listed as re-instatement. Spoke to NMC and they said that I was considered re-instatement. Knowing how the people at nmc can be I was confused cause it’s not mentioned clearly in cfr except to say I’m applying as original. Any experience on these “re-instatement” checklists?

Here is the definition of re-instatement from the NMC:
An applicant must apply as an original MMC if the MMC sought is the first credential issued to the applicant after their previous credential has expired beyond the grace period (one year past the expiration date of MMC) and they do not hold a Document of Continuity.

Thank you replying. I guess it’s just the way the person at nmc explained it. They said recency, cpr/first aid is not required and they will use seatime based on previous license. All I need is drug test, physical, application and all applicable fees in order to test for national endorsement, which is all I’m going for. Seems contradictory if I’m applying as original I would need all items listed on original checklist. Again, thank you for your insight. I’ll just be applying as original with all requirements just in case.

Regarding the nav general testing for 100GRT. Have they included the items listed in original post into the 100 ton test these days. Seems a little advanced for that particular license if so. Or is Upgrade U software using random questions from entire pool of questions?

That seems accurate according to the checklist:

Evidence of a previously held credential will be used to meet the original service requirement. Recency is NOT required.

see the link for 46 CFR § 11.910 - Subjects for deck officer endorsements.

46 CFR 11.910. Also, this.

It’s “re-issuance.” See 46 CFR 10.227(i).

Thank you all