The countdown begins

Well, I got up at 0300, drove to Baltimore and turned in the application today. 2 A/E Unl, plus everything under it as well. We’ll see how it goes.

The young lady at the counter Lisa, was exceptional. very professional.

Did anyone else experience this in submitting for an original license? I put all my paperwork in the order that was listed on the check-off sheet on the USCG website. Baltimore had a different one. Or, in a different order, so my nice, neat package ended up looking like something I’d turn in to my 8th grade teacher!!!

I was told by a staffer there, 9didn’t catch her name) that recency did not apply for ORIGINAL licenses. Mr. cavo, could you clarify please??

Now to continue studying DC current theory:)

I don’t know for sure and won’t be able to check for a bit, but it would make sense. The significance of recency when renewing a license is whether or not you have to do the open book renewal test. For original you are taking a test regardless.

Recncy DOES matter for an original license. I retired from the Navy off shore duty and I was required to sail as an AB for no less than 90 before I could take my 3rd Mates exam. The requirement is 90 days recency in the last 3 years as I recall. At least that’s my experience.:cool:

It is in the past 3 years.